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Greetings all!

I have finished the pdfs of the Gazetteer of Ilshara and the accompanying Map Folio, and they are now available on the redone site. These also should be available via Dragonsfoot soon as well.

A couple of notes:

The document isn't notebook friendly (i.e. small margins) so it would need to be bound at a local Kinkos, printing shop - I recommend in the back of the Gazetteer using Coil, Comb, Tape binding.

I will eventually be offering a revised Map Folio with cleaned up writing for names and descriptors on the maps, but this will take some time.

As for using the scale and applying a hex-map, well I couldn't say it in the Folio but (wink-wink) the maps just "happen" to be the same scale as the Hex Overlay that comes with the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting book.... so if you have one of those you can use it on the Map Folio.

Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

John "Sir Seskis" Wright

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the new site is great! the PDFs came out great. nice job, sir. nice job indeed. you have now created my new C&C campaign world.

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