Monk's Ki strike

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Mike Frank
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Monk's Ki strike

Post by Mike Frank »

When I thought of this class skill, I thought of it as giving the monk the ability to hit and cause damage to a creature that could only be hit by a magic weapon. Does anyone read this to mean that the monk would get +1 to hit and damage that a +1 weapon would have?

In my opinion, the monk does NOT get the +1 bonus. The skill just grants the monk the ability to cause damage to creatures that would be unharmed if struck by a normal weapon.

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Post by Combat_Kyle »

I give it to the monk, bonus to hit and damage just like a magic weapon. My reasoning is that at the levels a monk gets the ability the other warrior type classes will have magical weapons in most campaigns. Plus until 6th level a monk won;t be dealing out the damage like a fighter anyway, a greatword does much more damage than a monks fist. But as always the great thing about C&C is that each CK can interpret the rules as they wish.
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Post by johns »

I took it to mean the former, but I see no problem with using the latter.

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Since Monks can use a magic weapon if they find one, just not a lot of the common types, I'd personally limit it to be just "counts as +1 for purposes of being able to hurt the critter"

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