Anyone in the Dallas Texas Area ?

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Re: Anyone in the Dallas Texas Area ?

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Great news BudaZoa on finding and converting some roleplayers to C&C over the past several months. I have done the same myself with two different groups equalling about 10 folks. woot! :mrgreen:

and I am currently planning to attend my first ever NTRPG Con. So I hope to meet you there and join in with some C&C action.

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Re: Anyone in the Dallas Texas Area ?

Post by DMMike »

Hey, I'll be at NTXRPG Con as well. If time allows maybe Liz and I can jump into a game...Well, unless you're running Shadows of course. ;)

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Re: Anyone in the Dallas Texas Area ?

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Just stumbled into this part of the forums and saw this thread....

I'm in the Denton area. GM-ing since 1980. I know a couple of other RPG-ers in the Dallas area, but interestingly they aren't into fantasy so much. I've run mostly superhero games and sci-fi for them, infrequently. These days, my regular game is a twice-a-month superhero game via Google Hangouts.

I keep thinking that I'll make it to the North Texas RPG Con, but the timing has yet to work. Did any Crusaders meet-up there this year?

Anyway, if there are any C&C players around Denton, let's talk!
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