Hello again and a huge lot of C&C stuff for sale

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Hello again and a huge lot of C&C stuff for sale

Post by Dagger »

Hey everyone!

A lot of you may remember me. I used to post here quite frequently a few years back, participate in the C&C society chats, etc. I have laid low for a long time because I'm not doing much gaming. The only gaming I do now is basic D&D with my stepson. That said, I haven't picked up my C&C books in a long time (even though I've continued buying some here and there). I recently decided to sell off my RPG collection to the point where I have one shelf of things I use on a regular basis (BECMI + some adventures, some OD&D stuff). I've managed to sell a majority of my other games on eBay and now I'm left with a only shelf full of C&C stuff to sell.

As I was thumbing through my C&C stuff, it brought back a lot of memories of chatting with you guys back in the day and all the cool things I learned about RPGs. I owe a lot to you guys and I figured I'd try to give back by offering my collection to you guys for really cheap. Anyone who wants to give me 100 bucks + whatever the shipping is (we can figure it out) can have all of it. I'm in the Orlando area and I remember that some of you are within driving distance. I'd be happy to meet up to deliver these to you. The list:

Players Handbook:
1st printing
3rd printing
4th printing (hardcover)
4th printing (softcover with full color plates)
Leatherette version
5th printing

Monsters and Treasure:
2nd printing
3rd printing
Leatherette version

PHB/M&T Flip book (original one)
Castle Keepers Guide
Rune Lore
M&T of Airhde
Classic Monsters
Free City of Eskadia
Codex of Erde
Black Librum
Of Gods and Monsters (softcover)
Arms and Armor
Engineering Dungeons
Crusader Compilations 1 and 2 (from one of the 12 days of Christmas sales)
Crusader 1 reprint
M&T of the Wilderlands
Wilderlands of High Adventure XXXI

DB Series 1,2,3,4,5
S1 Lure of Delusion
U1 Shadows of Halfling Hall
Heart of Glass (d20 version)
Lost City of Gaxmoor

Box sets:
C&C white box
Towers of Adventure
Tainted Lands

The original portrait CK screen

PM me if you are interested in buying the whole lot. My goal is to get these into the hands of someone who will actually use them for a good price and clear my book shelf. :) Thanks for taking a look!


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Re: Hello again and a huge lot of C&C stuff for sale

Post by magick3six »

I'm 2 hours from Orlando. I'm interested. Email sent.

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