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Adventure Games Journal Submissions

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Here are the kinds of materials I'm looking for for Adventure Games Journal submissions:
Castles & Crusades: Crunchy Stuff, Mostly...

New Classes

Alternate Classes

Class Options

Class-based Organizations

Skill/Feat Systems

New Races

Race Options

Sample Racial Organizations/Groups/Locations (i.e., "Fully Described Elven Tribe," "Fully Described Gnome Delve," etc.

Alignment System Options


Deities & Demi-Gods

New Equipment

Interesting Ways to Use Equipment

Encumbrance System Options

New Spells

New Spell Systems

Combat Options

Alternate Combat Systems

Alternate Movement Systems

Alternate Turn Undead Systems

New or Alternate Monsters

New or Alternate Treasures

Monster and/or Treasure Generating Systems

Advise columns on How To Do Stuff and Have More Fun (broad and specific as to game element)

Cool new random charts, Charts, CHARTS!
Wilderlands: Fluffy Stuff, Mostly...

Anything from the C&C column that is applied specifically with the Wilderlands in mind. This can be the Wilderlands of High Adventure, Wilderlands of High Fantasy, or your own version of the Wilderlands...

New or Alternate Histories

Ancient Secrets and New Conspiracies

New or Alternate Cities, Towns, Villages, and Hamlets

New or Alternate Castles and Citadels

New or Alternate Ravaged Ruins

New or Alternate Idyllic Isles

New or Alternate Lurid Lairs

Essentially, anything you think is COOL and is Wilderlands related. Jsut remember, with anything Wilderlands (Mine, Bob's, or even yours), ownership of the article and intellectual properties embodied within are created under "work for hire" rules; we publish it, and it's owned wholly by Judges Guild.
Other Campaign Settings

Any of the above things for any generic setting or new setting of your own creation... unlike the Wilderlands materials, you will still own the rights to this material! AGP will have only non-exclusive publications and re-publication rights (and even then, only for electronic versions of AGJ and compilations of the materials therein in print and electronic format; if your material is cool enough, and generates enough interest, and we want to expand it and publish it in a separate book as "John Doe's World of Wonder-Cool," we'd have to work out a separate license).
Art and Maps

I'll also be happy to accept submissions of art and maps, and with those who do good work, perhaps commission pieces for specific articles down the line, to give Peter a bit of breathing room. Haven't decided on the rate for art yet, though "a picture is worth a thousand words" sounds about right for a full-page piece (thus half-page would be worth 500 words, 1/4 page worth 250, spot pieces worth 100 to 200, etc.)

Hope that gets some ideas flourishing. Articles can be as short as you like; even a single spell, monster, or treasure!

Email me at


a t


d o t


if you are interested in writing for Adventure Games Journal. Payment is in one penny of credit toward AGP print products per word.
James Mishler

Main Man, Adventure Games Publishing

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