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Airhde Campaign Kickoff! 
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Post Airhde Campaign Kickoff!
My 16 year old and four of his buddies (three brand new to rpgs) started a new campaign last night. I spent half the night teaching them how to roll up characters, what the tiny little boxes meant on the character sheet, what primary vs. non-primary stats meant, etc. Explaining class choices, stat bonuses, racial bonuses....even though C&C is considered rules light, it is still no small task to educate new folks on rpg rules of any kind. Anyway, I then started them off at 0 level, no stat bonuses allowed, half hit points, etc.....because their characters were 11 or 12 years old. They were in a caravan to Botkinburg from the coast, wards of the Chancel or attached to the servants of the noble who was striking north in the name of the Empress. Of course they were set upon in the night by goblins, and the boys were forced to make fear checks when they fought for the first time. An elven bard had taken to looking over them early on, and came to their rescue during the fight, and ordered them to run into the forest until they came to a tower ruin and hide there until he caught up with them. So they did! And in the tower ruin they found a few meager supplies.....but then they heard the goblins coming, and their leader riding a giant spider, making a bee line to the tower. They found a trap door in the floor and escaped that way, only to find they were in a crypt. Stuffing their pockets with gold, one of them removed a magic sword from its resting place on a sarcophagus, releasing skeletons into the room....and eventually waking a vampire! They managed to escape through a back secret door after much heroism and failed fear checks....and a successful attempt at divine intervention by one of them! the bard reunited with them and rushed them off to safety.

So then we fast forwarded six years, making most of the pc's 18 years old and officially 1st level. I explained what they had been up to since then, and they have all just reunited by fate and happenstance.....and now it is on to the A series officially...with my own twists of course. They just arrived in Malforten....

Goood times.

Sat Mar 12, 2011 3:17 pm
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Post Re: Airhde Campaign Kickoff!
Ah, got to love that new campaign feel. :)


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Sun Mar 13, 2011 4:12 pm
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Post Re: Airhde Campaign Kickoff!
The boys officially began at 1st level! Our last session, they all started as 0 level children.Now, as young men of 1st level, they are off on grand adventure in the Blacktooth Ridge area. I have been fleshing out the Hrueset area and rest of the region, creating mini-adventures and encounter areas.

I created a secret organization called The Fell Huntsmen (possible Crusader submission!) that started shortly after Unklar's fall. It is a dedicated clandestine group of rangers and assassins who are ever vigilant, scouring the lands for the rise of evil cults dedicated to Unklar, Thorax, or other dark gods. They systematically search for the heads of the cults and eradicate them with surgical precision and disappear. What this means in game is that the Fell Huntsmen have evolved over the last decade of game time, and the line between ranger and assassin has blurred, and players must be class and a half characters. They can opt to be Assassins with a supporting class of ranger, or a ranger with a supporting class of assassin. They track their quarry through wilderness and through cities, etc. This group allows me to assign players to the group for character hook purposes. In this case, I have a player who loves assassins, but they typically don't fit in the party without a lot of story-work. So I told the ranger and assassin that they are both sworn members of the secret organization and assigned to each other as partners; it also gives some rationale as to how each can get some of the other's class skills.

The other guys consist of a Paladin of Durendal, a cleric of Corthain, a Fighter, and a Knight. Because of their childhood bonds (except for the assassin..he's new to the group!), they have some commonality in that they survived unspeakable horrors at a young age, which went on to shape their lives. We have a fighter, sworn to blade, with developing reputation (playing a little into the Madmardigan of Willow a bit), currently a sargeant of Huw Bengrisse soldiers in Hrueset. We have the Knight, a bastard son of nobility, shunned by his relations, and treated poorly by those above him. He has set out to prove his metal and his honor. The paladin, played by my son Logan, is a great character. It helps that all these guys star in several plays a year. It certainly shows. What a bunch of hams. Anyway, the paladin was literally chosen by Durendal to be his arm of justice in the world; he has returned to the Blacktooth Ridge area from Ascalon, after a powerful vision from Durendal. The cleric of Corthain is devoted to the eradication of evil in the Blacktooth Ridge area as well, and was part of the clergy in Hrueset. He was sent by his order to investigate evil stirring toward Malforten. The cleric and paladin are very different from eachother, which is awesome. Both good, but the cleric is methodical, cautious, and contemplative, while the paladin is passionate and impulsive....and maybe a bit crazy.

The adventure was the first part of a long term story arc involving a cult of Thorax, whose machinations will plague the region for a long time.

Mon Apr 18, 2011 6:51 pm
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Post Re: Airhde Campaign Kickoff!
Well done!!


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