SG2: Engineering Castles

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SG2: Engineering Castles

Post by serleran »

Released today... available here:


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Re: SG2: Engineering Castles

Post by Relaxo »

Congrats, Serl!
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Re: SG2: Engineering Castles

Post by Coleston the Cavalier »

Always love your stuff, Serl!

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Re: SG2: Engineering Castles

Post by Breakdaddy »

Congratulations on another TLG release. If it's near as good as Engineering Dungeons it will be a very fine product.
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Re: SG2: Engineering Castles

Post by zacharythefirst »

Congrats! Was just talking with the other C&C CK in my group about this today.
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Re: SG2: Engineering Castles

Post by Sir Osis of Liver »

Ordered my copy...eagerly awaiting it. :)

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