Worst. Assassins. EVER.

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Worst. Assassins. EVER.

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My players have run afoul of the Crna Ruk and now the Paths of Umbra, both of whom have become aware that the party has a Rune of Power in their possession (a Rune of Contact). They set out from Capidistria on a mission to Holmgald, in part for the job, and in part to get away from the bad guys. Whom, of course, followed them.

They debarked in a port town in the northlands and split up slightly, the paladin questioning the harbormaster while the cleric/bard and barbarian sought rooms at the inn, and the wizard, illusionist and rogue visited the market. "Ah ha!" I thought. "They're divided, perfect time to strike!" So I unleashed a 6th level Path of Umbra wizard accompanied by 4 4-HD Crna Ruk initiates. I had made the players roll a D20 earlier for potential surprise and half of them were completely unawares... (The players are all 4th level, except the class-and-a-half cleric/bard who is 3/1.)

Start of the combat, the wizard charms the half-orc barbarian and orders him to attack the cleric/bard he's standing next to. The Initiates then launch their sneak attacks on the illusionist, wizard and rogue...

And miss all but once, which does a paltry 4 points of damage to the rogue.

The wizard, who was not surprised, sees the charmed half-orc and proceeds to levitate him 20' in the air, leaving him with only three javelins (one a +2) to use. The illusionist casts Blur on the rogue, who is the focus of attention of two of the Crna Ruk.

Next round, the Crna Ruk blow all but one of their attack rolls, nicking the rogue. The wizard activates his boots of levitation and gets above the melee, from where he proceeds to unload magic missiles at the initiates. The Umbra wizard tries an Ebon Bands of Constriction (from the Black Libram) at the paladin, who saves and avoids being entangled. Said pally charges the evil wizard, on whom the cleric casts silence. "No biggie," I think, "He's 6th level, he'll save and then next round move away and proceed to fry the paladin with a lightning bolt..."

He rolls a 1 for his save. His friggin' imaginary children are silenced.

It goes downhill from there. The Crna Ruk finally get a few good hits on the rogue but can't put him down. The illusionist disengages and moves into range of the wizard, who is forced to pop a potion of gaseous form and try to get away. The barbarian can only hit the pally with his javelins and does so, but the paladin is a dwarf and pretty tough, so it's not a major hurt.

At the end of the fight, all four Crna Ruk are down with the illusionist's pet war dog lunching on their remains. The evil wizard is about to reform and use his Cape of the Mountebank to escape and fight another day. The rogue is badly hurt and a couple others are nicked, but otherwise, the damage is pretty slight.

Good evil minions are hard to find. I'm going to have to throw a Crna Ruk Scholar at them next time. :twisted:
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Re: Worst. Assassins. EVER.

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Good times, bro. I miss gaming regularly!
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Re: Worst. Assassins. EVER.

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Crna Ruk are so awesome.

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