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Races of the Shattered Lands, part VI: Half-Elves 
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Post Races of the Shattered Lands, part VI: Half-Elves
Two thousand years ago, Half-Elves were vanishingly rare- the shameful result of an Elf's brief lust for the most part. Such couplings were somewhat more common among the lower-caste Wood Elves than among the High Elves, who usually had means to prevent the conception of offspring if they desired human mates. While the Elves had rather complex relations with the humans who dwelt in Arcadia before the coming of Karl Magnus, they generally regarded themselves as superior and conducted themselves accordingly. Actual laws forbidding the union of humans and elves were rare, but the force of custom and tradition was arguably more effective in any case than laws would have been.

The coming of Karl Magnus and the Ascension War that completely destroyed the society of the Wizard-Kings and decimated the population of the Elven race changed all that. The remaining Elves, those that did not flee to the small island of Illsmare, were utterly prostrated by the immense rapidity of apocalyptic change- in less than a century, they had gone from masters to servants and the seemingly eternal (even by Elven reckoning) reign of the Elves over Arcadia had come to an end. More and more, individual Elves found that it was advantageous to trade on their beauty as well as their wisdom. Some found grudging admiration, even love, for the powerful human knights and warriors who held sway in their former heartland.

In the present day, there are possibly as many or even more Half-Elves as Elves. It is not uncommon for Half-Elves to meet others of their kind and even to form small communities, particularly in the greater urban centers of Arcadia and around the rest of the world.

Description: Of all the races of the world, it is probably Half-Elves that are the most famous for their physical attractiveness, combining some of the ethereal beauty of Elves with human diversity and rude health. They are typically of similar height to humans, though almost always relatively slender. They typically have Elven eyes and Human skintones. Facial hair is rare among Half-Elves but a few are capable of growing (modest) mustaches and beards. Half-Elves live somewhat longer than humans, reaching between 150 to 200 years of age, but not nearly as long as Elves.

Personality: As the Half-Orc struggles between the brutal whispers of the Nameless Beast and their human half, so too do Half-Elves have to reconcile two different bloodlines, though it is fair to say that as a whole, their experience is less difficult. Half-Elves are typically simultaneously the objects of admiration, lust and of distrust and most Half-Elves learn to carefully navigate through those strongly opposed, but rarely disinterested reactions. Most Half-Elves learn to carefully discern their true friends and allies from those simply interested in their exotic looks or reputation.

Racial Affinities: Half-Elves typically get along reasonably well with all other races, though they are sometimes distrusted in insular human or elven communities due to their mixed heritage- one side often suspects the half-elf of favoring the other side. As a general rule, Half-Elves do best in relatively cosmopolitan locations where people of different or even mixed heritage are not unusual.

Environment: Half-Elves mostly live either in close proximity to long-standing Wood Elven communities or in large cities, where their somewhat exotic appearance and heritage is less likely to attract fear or hatred.

Racial Traits and Abilities

All Half-Elves:
Empathy: As PHB
Spot Hidden Doors (Wisdom): As PHB

Wood Elven Heritage:
Attribute Modification: +1 to Dexterity and Wisdom, -1 to Constitution
Move Silently (Dexterity): As PHB
Spell Resistance (Wisdom): As PHB for Elven-descent Half-Elves

High Elven Heritage:
Attribute Modification: +1 to Dexterity and Intelligence, -1 to Constitution
Elven Magic: Choose one cantrip from the Wizard list, this spell can be cast at will.
Spell Resistance (Wisdom): As PHB for Elven-descent Half-Elves

Human Heritage:
Attribute Modification: +1 to any one attribute of choice
Attribute Check Modification: As PHB
Spell Resistance: +2 bonus to mind-affecting spells

Language: Common and Elven, can learn Dwarf, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Slyvan and Orc, as well as any human vernacular
Size: Medium
Movement: 30 feet
Typical Classes: Any
Attribute Modifiers: +1 Charisma
Ranger Modifier: As PHB
Rogue/Assassin Modifier: As PHB

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