North TX RPG Con 2024

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North TX RPG Con 2024

Post by Ancalagon »

Greetings All,

I'm shifting gears in 2024 and opting for North Texas RPG Con (NTXRPG) in 2024 in favor of another trip to Gary Con. This will be my first trip to NTXRPG as my plans for attending in 2022 were derailed by illness. I'm really looking forward to attending!

At the moment, I'm undecided on running an event(s) since it will be my first time there. If I do run something, it will be either AD&D or C&C. Does anyone know if C&C events are usually offered and, if so, are they well-received?

Chime in if you plan to attend!
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Re: North TX RPG Con 2024

Post by Persimmon »

I was there this year and there was not a huge C&C presence, though there were a couple, I think. One thing I noticed was that slots for most games fill up pretty quick so I think you'll be fine either way. And you can post pick-up games on a board there so you can sort of gauge interest at the conference as well.

I would certainly play C&C if I attend, but too early to tell if I'm going again.
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