What settings do you Use Peter.....

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Lore Drake
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What settings do you Use Peter.....

Post by Wulfgarn »

I am an artist and do alot of black and white- primarily because the publisher I work with says that grey scale prints bad... but I see your work and it seems to print well... I wanted to ask you what you scan in your art with and now you prepare it for print so it prints well..


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Re: What settings do you Use Peter.....

Post by gideon_thorne »

I have an epson scanner that cost me about $150 or so which does high resolutions. I tend to scan at 600 dpi. I print at 150 dpi on an epson printer. Pretty much it. I dont really do anything fancy.
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Post by Piperdog »

Wulfgarn, are you asking about greyscale printing at a commercial press/printer, or personal printer? It sounds like you mean sending stuff off for publication at a commercial location. In that case, I share that question.

I do a lot of greyscale work, inspired by Pete's stuff, but see in the typical module only black and white ink drawings.

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