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Engines & Empires (Lab Lord)

Post by Rhuvein »

I stumbled on to this PDF from 2008 today. Totally forgot about it. Prolly at that time I was more interested in Mutant Future.

Anyway, anyone remember this "Gaslight Fantasy"?

Kinda wish I remembered it when I ran Victorious.

Perhaps it might be useful for those who wish to run Victorious in the future (not Mutant, I hope).

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Re: Engines & Empires (Lab Lord)

Post by DMMike »

Hm. From the description it sounds like Steampunk Shadowrun. That is, Victorian Steampunk but with fantasy races like elves and dwarves and such. I wonder if it was meant to be a retro-clone of TSR's Massque of the Red Death?

It sounds like it could be useful for those who want to import such into their Victorious campaign, and if its based on the LL rules system then conversion shouldn't be too hard? :)

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