Codex Sinarum is live on Kickstarter

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Codex Sinarum is live on Kickstarter

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Codex Sinarum is live on Kickstarter, and breaking records!
Launched yesterday, this Kickstarter has blasted through early birds and a stretch reward, and another is imminent... Help us get there! ... ex-sinarum

Brian Young has delivered us the seventh in the Mythos Series, bringing to life the world of Ancient China in the Codex Sinarum. From the many Cosmic forces of Qigong, its teachings, to Xianxia and the fantastical Wuxia and the Shamanic Shenxia religion and the Martial Arts or Wushu, and many strange and bizarre beasts and supernatural beings derived from ancient lore. All can be discovered within the Codex Sinarum. The complexities of early Chinese civilization is presented in an easy to read, playable form in the Codex Sinarum. Its grandeur, history and myth, are celebrated and brought to your Castles & Crusades game.

All this is on KICKSTARTER right now!

Plenty of levels to find just the right package for you!

Image ... ex-sinarum

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